Granite City Comic-Con Interview

In my interview with one of the GCCC co-coordinators, Chris Robertson, we discuss how Granite City Comic-Con has grown since it first began, along with the comic culture and fandom scene in Aberdeen. There is also a highly interesting and informative discussion on the representation of female superheroes and villains in comic books and their respective film adaptations.

Your Round Presents: Tequila

If you like stories about drinking. Or if you just like to drink in general, then check out this local comic gem.

Graphic Novel Session with Metaphrog

Have you ever wanted to create your own graphic novel, well if so, head along to this creative session held by award-winning graphic novelists Metaphrog.

Inside a comic book store: Interview with Asylum Books and Games

Aberdeen City has some well established comic book stores and over the festive period I managed to get in contact with Asylum Books and Games, which is a local comic book store that was established in 1999. Over the past week I have met up with the owner, Mike McLean, and got to know the…