Your Round Presents: Tequila


“Stories about drinking and drinkers – Please enjoy responsibly”  Your Round Presents: Tequila. Declan Shalvey 2007.

Writers & illustrators: Declan Shalvey, Mike Mclean, Bob Byrne & James. A. Hodgkins.

Underground comics can be a real gem, and Your Round Presents: Tequila by Declan Shalvey is just that. I was recently gifted this comic by one of the co-creators Mike McLean of Asylum Books and Games, who also wrote one of the comics story “Hustle”.

Your Round Presents was published in 2007 by Olive Press, and is a small 32 page anthology series of four different stories; “Hustle”,” Say a Prayer for Me”,” I drink Therefore I am” and “Know Your Limits”. All of these stories have one thing in common: Alcohol, booze and, in not so many words, wasted.

As far as plot lines go, the stories contained within this comic are relatively simple, but that’s what makes them very relatable. Everyone can relate to a night out of drinking, and I myself can admit that the involvement of tequila has provided for an interesting night on more than one occasion.

Despite the relatively simple story lines, none of the stories are boring (When are stories that involve drinking ever boring!). The art work and characters are full of life, and make the stories interesting to read and easy to invest in. For example Mike McLean and Declan Shalvey’s “Hustle”, is an oddly interesting tale that involves going to your local bar after a trying day at work, only to be manipulated into drinking more so one of the characters can win a bet.

“I drink therefore I am” by James Hodgkins is another odd tale that everyone can relate to. It accurately highlights how easy it is for the brain to be affected by drinking too much alcohol. I guess that is something more than one person can relate to.

Overall this is a super interesting and witty comic that I really enjoyed reading, and I am thrilled that I was gifted with it. If you enjoy stories about drinking, or if you just enjoy drinking in general, then I think you will love this local comic and probably relate to more than one of the included stories.

You can pick up a copy of “Your Round Presents: Tequila” at Asylum Books and Games.


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  1. I remember the launch party for the book, that was fun.

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