Graphic Novels sales rise in 2016


Adult fiction has had an off year in 2016, with sales down 1% from the previous year. However, graphic novels saw an increase in sales by 12%.

Publishers weekly has published an overview of book sales from the previous year, and graphic novels are the only section of adult fiction to have seen a rise in sales.

Publishers Weekly called graphic novels “The lone bright spot in fiction was comics and graphic novels, which had a 12 percent increase on the year.”

The comic industry has been rising for many years now. With successful film/TV adaptations of The Walking Dead, Batman and also Star Wars, the industry looks to go from strength to strength.

This is not the first time the comic industry has topped sales. In 2014, Publishers Weekly announced that the comics market had risen to $935 million. The following year comics and graphic novels hit $1 billion sales.

In our current digital world, it’s refreshing to see elements of print publishing still successful within the publishing market. Magazines and newspapers may be headed for a digital revolution, but the printed book is still going strong.

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