Granite City Comic Con: Geek Exchange


During the week I found out that Granite City Comic Con would be descending upon Tempo cafe in the Bon Accord Centre to host a ‘geek exchange’. The event was being held to promote their up and coming Granite City Comic Con 2017, which will be held at the Hilton Treetops next month, as well as raising money for CLAN Cancer Support.

The idea behind the geek exchange, was to give people the chance to come along and swap some of their geeky goodies for other stuff that they may want.

Since I have always wanted to go to GCCC I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to meet some of the coordinators and people who go there, as well as showcasing our local comic scene.

From the moment I arrived, you could tell the event had attracted quite a large and diverse audience.

There were fantastic costumers outside and inside of Tempo, from Spiderman and Ghostbusters, to lady Thor and Harley Quinn. Everyone was more than happy to pose for pictures with people. All in all, before I had even spoke to anyone there, you could tell there was a vibrant and fun filled atmosphere.

As I first walked in people waved and welcomed me, and it immediately put me at ease and made it easier for me to approach people and ask questions.

At the front you can see tons of geeky goodies, as well as Granite City Comic Con t-shirts that were for sale. I you were thinking about attending Granite City Comic-Con, you could purchase your tickets here instead of buying them online.


On my arrival I got talking to a lovely lady, Vicki, who was more than happy to discuss what was going on: “Today we’ve got people bringing in any geeky items they no longer have a need for, and swapping them with other people.”

After looking around a bit more, and bumping into a couple of people that I know, I was introduced to Chris Robertson, who is one of the coordinators for Granite City Comic-Con.

A few months before, I had actually got in contact with Chris and managed to get an interview with him through email for this website. So it was a pleasant experience to talk with him and meet him in person.

From the moment I meet him, Chris is lovely and easy to talk to. He introduces me to a couple more people so that I can get a few pictures of everybody who was at the event.

After taking a few photographs I got talking to Lex, who was dressed in the most splendid Lady Thor costume that I couldn’t stop admiring. I also get the chance to have a small talk with another GCCC coordinator, Colin Penny.

When I asked Chris about the event he said: “The main reason that we are here today is to raise awareness for CLAN and to promote Granite City Comic Con. The idea being that people can bring along their ‘nerdy unwanted stuff’ that they can swap for things they do want.”

Overall, you can tell the geek exchange has gone down well with everybody, and Chris adds: “It’s been pretty good. I think everyone has walked away pretty happy with what they got.” 

Senior Supervisor at Tempo for CLAN, Laura Yeats said: “The atmosphere these guys are bringing is excellent.”

I can’t help but agree with her. The atmosphere here is fun and everyone seems to be getting involved and easily talking with one another.


Laura also said the geek exchange was getting everyone involved, regardless of their ages, as well as raising awareness for Tempo and everything that they do.

For those who don’t know, Tempo is a unique cafe, where instead of paying for for food and drink, customers are charged 10p per minute with all of the proceeds going to CLAN Cancer Support.

She added: “These guys are so much fun. It really has been a great day.”


Just as I am about to leave, I thoroughly agree with Laura. I hadn’t been at the geek exchange long, but I managed to get talking to most people there. As a build to Granite City Comic Con 2017, I think the event showcased a really positive attitude and atmosphere by bringing people together for a good cause.

Granite City Comic-Con 2017 will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel on Springfield Road, on May 20-21. If you want to head along, tickets are on sale now.

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