Event Feature: Granite City Comic Con 2017


For many years now I have always wanted to attend comic con, and over the weekend I finally managed to attend my first ever comic con; Granite City Comic Con 2017.

Superheroes, villains and geeks alike descended upon The Hilton Treetops on May 20 – 21 to make this year’s convention the biggest and best. The first ever Granite City Comic Con was held in 2015, and this year’s outing promised to be bigger and brasher than any show the co-coordinators had held before.



As cosplay is a major part of any convention, it was announced earlier this year that Granite City Comic Con had joined with Cos-Con, and therefore there was lots of cosplay goodness over the weekend.


This year’s event had much lined up for it’s guests; Art and writing workshops, independent retailers, cosplay workshops and competitions, and Q+A panels with special guests.

The event this year also boasted a stellar guest line up, from well known actors within the sci-fi community, to local and international comic book writers and artists. Among this year’s guests, there was Star Wars actors Peter Roy and Gerald home, voice actors Steve Blum and Mary McGlynn.

Eisner award winning artist Glen Fabry was also in attendance. Glen has had a prolific career in comics, and has created several iconic covers for critically acclaimed comic books such as Preacher and Hellblazer (both of which have been adapted for television). Over the weekend I actually had the chance to chat with Glen, who is an incredibly wonderful man and artist.


Alongside Glen was digital painter Ryan Brown. Ryan’s work is stunningly talented and it was incredibly to see his work in person. He has worked for incredibly diverse projects, such as Mars Attacks, Judge Dredd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as providing covers for 2000 AD, Image and Dark Horse.

Over the weekend I purchased some new comic books that I seriously cannot wait to finally start reading;


‘Little Girl Black’ and ‘City of Lost Souls’ by Scottish comic book writer James McCulloch caught my eye quite early on. One of the main reasons being that they seemed incredibly dark, and as a massive fan of the horror genre, I honestly could not resist. I had the change to speak with James about our mutual love for the horror genre, and I was slightly jealous when he told me that he has actually met Doug Bradley from the Hellraiser franchise. James also said that his work ‘is an experience’, and therefore he has to put warnings on his work.



I also purchased Volume 1 and 2 of ‘Boat’. ‘Boat’ initially peaked my interest as I got talking to the writer of the story, David Lumsden, and he told me that it is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the world has been reclaimed by the ocean. First of all, I am a sucker for a post-apocalyptic story. When done right, they are incredible. Second of all, David Lumsden is an incredibly wonderful man to speak with, and he tells me that the the comic is an adaptation of his short film of the same name. If I am being honest with myself, I am genuinely surprised that I had not heard of ‘Boat’ before, and cannot wait to begin working my way through both volumes.



For my first ever comic con, I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to do and was thrilled to leave with some comics from local Scottish comic book writers, and if I have the chance next year, I most likely will attend again.

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  1. raine286 says:

    Wow, it sounds it was a great day too! I haven’t had the chance to attend a comic con before. The closest to have happened was last year but the dates coincided with the dates I was out of town. Hopefully, something will come in closer venue too. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel Williams says:

      It was honestly a really good day! So glad I managed to attend this year, because I have struggled to find time the last couple of years. Hopefully you manage to find time to attend a comic con, I am sure you will enjoy it! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. raine286 says:

        I hope so. There’s already one coming up in August and my #AgentCarter cosplay is nowhere done. lolz.


  2. Hey! You caught two of us, we’re the middle two in the second image. Unfortunately “Blue” (the person writing this) Was meeting Steve and Mary at the time, but would have loved to be in that shot to round out the Halo cosplay group.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel Williams says:

      Hello! It was super lovely to meet you guys 🙂 I am so sorry I did not get to meet “Blue”, but hopefully I can catch you all together again at some point in the future! 🙂


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