Black Wing Comics First Campaign Underway

Nicci and Cliff
Black Wing Comics Creative Directors. Cliff Hughes (right) and Nicci Thompson (left)

A KICKSTARTER campaign launched by Black Wing Comics is now closer to reaching it’s target goal.

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Cliff Hughes, co creative director at Black Wing Comics, to discuss the kickstarter they were launching for the companies debut comic series, Toy-Z: The Ballad of Mr Huggles.

Despite being set in a world similar to that of the Disney/Pixar animated classic ‘Toy Story’, this debut comic is aimed at more mature readers as it is set after a post apocalyptic event has tuned most of mankind into zombies. Cliff commented “This is a story for grown up’s, dealing with loss, grief, and finding your place in the world again after an unexpected life change.” 

Since the kickstarter went live on June 6, the campaign has gone from strength to strength, even passing the £500 milestone.

New artwork for the first issue of Toy-Z has also been recently revealed. The artwork is provided by Dutch graphic designer and comic creator Ammar Al-Chalabi, and you can check out the new artwork below. Cover art will be provided by English illustrator and model Charlotte Herbert.


Toy-Z Art work: Ammar Al-Chalabi
Toy-Z Artwork: Ammar Al-Chalabi
Toy-Z Artwork: Ammar Al-Chalabi
Toy-Z Artwork: Ammar Al-Chalabi
page 5
Toy-Z Artwork: Ammar Al-Chalabi

There have also been a couple of recent changes to the campaign; An exciting new unique pledge level has been added, where you can get your own idea turned into a short comic by Black Wing Comics. There has also been £50 knocked off the ‘Hollywood Zombie’ pledge level.

As an end note, I am incredibly happy to see the progress this kickstarter is making! I think that the idea behind Toy-Z is incredibly unique, and will be a refreshing take on the zombie genre. There is still time left to back the campaign, If you have not already, which closes on July 6.

Remember to follow these guys and the kickstarter campaign on these links;

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