Comic Book Review: Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2


Writers and Creators: Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin 

Art: Dan Schkade 

Colouring: Marissa Louise

Letter: A Larger World Studios 

Publisher: Suspicious Behavior Productions 

“As of now, you are lookin’ at the new galactic champion of the universe!….And it don’t matter where you go, Daddy – – Venus, Pluto, Saturn – – “Rock ‘N’ Roll” Rory Landell is the champion of the universe” – Rory Landell, Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #1. 

Back in February, I was given the opportunity to review the first issue of a brand new comic, called “Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia”, (You can read the review here). To largely sum up my thoughts on this first issue, when I finished reading it, I was genuinely surprised by how much I adored every single page. It was fun, well executed and had the ability to catch my attention throughout the whole issue. Now we are on to issue #2 of this miniseries, titled “Two Words Enter, One leaves”. 

At the end of the first issue, Planet Wrestletopia have just received a transmission, in which the washed up wrestler Rory ‘Rock n Roll’ Landell has declared himself, ‘The galactic champion of the universe’. Naturally, as a planet of alien wrestlers, they really have not taking kindly to this. So, what is a planet of professional wrestlers to do in the wake of such a ‘challenge’. Well, first of all they decide to arrive on earth to prove that THEY are greatest wrestlers in the galaxy. And secondly; Build a gigantic steel cage around earth. Because, why the hell not? Even if you are an alien race from outer space, that most definitely has advanced technology, you are first and foremost wrestlers. And that means following through with the biggest cage imaginable, to make sure that no one on earth, particularly Rory Landell, can escape from.


And where is our protagonist when all of this is happening? If you’ve read the first issue, then it is no surprise to tell you that he is in a bar, drowning his sorrows, while the rest of the world get’s this nasty surprise. That is before he is hauled off for his fateful encounter with Manifest Destiny.

As I said previously, one of the things that I really enjoyed about the first issue, was it’s pacing. That, and the fact that it was just delightfully fun. In the first issue, writers Matt  Entin and Ed Kuehnel, made sure that the main focus was on the character of Rory. Choosing, to introduce this race of bad guy wrestlers from space right on the last few panels of the issue. Personally, I think this was a smart idea on the writers part. In terms of storytelling, it certainly allowed me as a reader, to be thoroughly interested in reading this second issue. And man, does this second issue bring the invasion full swing.

The Wrestletopians are now here, and they are tearing their way around the world, complete with hilarious panels depicting the rest of the world’s response to the absurdity in all of this. I won’t spoil anything for anyone who has not yet read the comics, but these are some of the greatest panels that I have seen in a comic for a long time. All while this is happening, there a live broadcast by Manifest Destiny, who calls forth Rory Landell to challenge him for his ‘admission’ to being the ‘galactic champion of the universe’. This whole thing is even funnier when the panel splits to Landell sitting in a bar, completely oblivious to the chaos that his transmission has caused.

While this second issue has certainly been even wilder than the first, it does not do so at the expense of it’s ability to tell a good genuine story. On One hand, you have this over the top plot line, that is hilarious and fun to be part off. On the other hand, you have a story that wants to dig a little deeper into the protagonist’s story.  In the midst of all the fun, this second issue provides a little bit more context into the character of Rory Landell, as it opens and closes with flashbacks to his childhood. These flashbacks are brief, but I applaud the writers for their ability to mix some grounded reality into this story, that never feels as though it is overcompensating for the more fun elements.

For those who read my last review, you would know that my only downfall with the first issue, was how I struggled to really connect with it’s protagonist. That being said, with the second issue now here, complete with the previously mentioned flashbacks, I am beginning to warm to the character. These flashbacks provided, what may have been his motivation for becoming a professional wrestler, and gave his character that bit of added depth.

As the plot becomes more out of this world, so does the artwork, which has continued to be another highlight of the series. While I praised Dan Schkade’s bold aesthetics of the first issue, it’s safe to say that he has a lot more to work with second time around. Everything about it is vibrant and brings these larger than life characters to life on page, with exaggerated expressions and an almost cartoon like quality that certainly matches the tone of story line and also the personality of it’s characters. There is honestly never a dull moment in this series.

All in all, ‘Two worlds enter, one world leaves‘, is a thoroughly enjoyable and delightfully weird second issue in this indie mini series. It’s wickedly funny, without sacrificing the ability to tell a genuinely good and engaging story line, that looks to become even bolder as the series continues on. What is even better, is that this series continues to appeal to both wrestling fans, and casual readers alike. Not to mention that the ending hints at an epic showdown that is about to take place in the next issue, and I for one cannot wait to see how this story continues.

To keep up with this wonderful series, both Issue # 1 and Issue #2 are available on Comixology.


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