Small Press Day: Asylum Books and Games

(L – R) Duguid, Nichols and Rossert

This weekend, localĀ  independent comic book store Asylum Books and Games, were involved in Small Press Day. Small Press Day was held on the 7th of July this past weekend, and the local store played host to a great selection of local and not-so-local independent artists and writers within the community.

For nearly 20 years, Asylum Books and Games, has been proudly promoting and supporting the work of up and coming independent artists through signings and a whole host of other events that take place during the year.

Among those present during this week were, Griffin Nichols, Nicolas Rossert from Sloth Press, Marie Duguid from Devolution Comics, and Emma Galloway. Each of these artists and writers have created incredibly talented work, that highlights the variety that the independent comic scene has to offer.

For those who know me, you will know that that I adore indie comics, and I will always be a vocal supporter of the industry. Which is why, during my time at Asylum Books and Games, I was honoured to meet with more of the creators within the small press community.

As always, the guests at Asylum are always incredibly interesting and talented. And, there is always a large selection of the creators work on display. Not to mention, that it is always a great day, when you can spend your time talking about comics with like minded individuals.

I have said it before, and I will say it again; There is a great sense of community within the local independent comic scene, and this was highlighted during the day. It was easy to get talking to everyone involved, and discuss some of the work that was on display.

Nicolas Rossert, the director of Sloth Comics, who I have had the pleasure of speaking to before, brought along various different titles. Among them was, the just newly released, Hopeless Maine.

Griffin Nichols, a local comic book creator from Aberdeen, commented that he is working on the second part to ‘Absent Wild’, which he has described as a ‘supernatural horror‘.

Artist Marie Duguid, of Devolution Comics, was there with comics from Devolution, and also a folder full of her own artwork, which I must say is fantastic.

As mentioned at the beginning, Asylum have been supporting exceptionally talented individuals within the comic scene for many years now, and that was certainly reflected in the diversity of the work that was on display.

Mike McLean, the owner of Asylum, has always been an avid supporter of the small press community, and he commented, “Support the local guys, and it was also nice to bring people from the outside”. As a massive supporter of the independent comic book scene myself, I always find it such a joy to go along to these events, and meet more individuals within the community, and have the opportunity to check out new work.



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