Event Feature: MCM Scotland


The previous weekend was a weekend filled with comic books and pop culture fun, as MCM Scotland returned to the Glasgow on September 22-23. The two-day event attracted a large and diverse crowd, as pop culture fans descended into the Glasgow SEC.

This was my second year attending MCM Scotland, with last year being my first. Whilst last time I attended by myself, this year I got to chaperone my father around all the delights that this weekend had to offer us.

As one of Scotland’s biggest pop culture events, this weekend had a lot of geeky goodness and fun for those in attendance. With various different stalls that offered tons of geeky merchandise for fans, and immersive interactions and workshops, there was a lot for everybody to enjoy during the weekend.

Colin Maxwell (right), Maximized Comics.

Not long after arriving, I ended up wandering over to the Steampunk Emporium. If you don’t know, I absolutely love Steampunk and so does my dad. Whilst checking out what they had to offer, it was here that I met the super nice Colin Maxwell. Colin is a comic book writer and artist, and he introduced me to some of his work, one of them being the comic ElectroMagnetic, which is an alternative history steampunk adventure comic. If you’re a fan of adventure, and a fan of Steampunk, then it sounds like it may be a comic that you will want to pick up.

Whilst there was so much to do during the weekend, I think everyone knows where I spent most of my time. The comics village. As a huge fan of reading and someone who supports independent comics and those who create them, that is where I spent a large amount of my time during the convention.

Just like last year, there were some incredibly talented and wonderfully kind writers, artists and publishers in attendance. There was also a huge variety of work on show. From superheroes, to Sci-Fi, and horror. The comics village brought together many different comic book creators and writers, and I was lucky enough to get chatting to a few of them.

Dave West, Accent UK 

One of the best things about the comics village is getting to see all the work that is on offer, and to also get the time to speak to the comic creators, publishers and artists. Accent UK, who are a privately owned comic book publisher, had some interesting work on show. Dave West, one of the co-founders told me about the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming fantasy comic book series, Kia Wordsmith, which I wrote about in an earlier article, which you can read here .

George Lennox, Cult Empire Comics 

George Lennox, from the independent comic book publisher Cult Empire Comics, was also another incredibly nice person, who had brought along a load of interesting comics. Cult Empire Comics have released a number of old school style comics, such as Vietnam Zombie Holocaust and also Horror Show. It was interesting to speak with George, as he is not only the owner and publisher for Cult Empire Comics, but he is also part of the creative team for a new comic called Nasty Girls.

Nasty Girls, which is a play on the phrase, ‘nasty woman’, and follows an all female punk band, who are fed up with the way that they, and other women like them, are treated. To be honest, I am really glad that George mentioned this project to me, because it definitely sounds like something that I would enjoy reading. I also know a few of my friends who would be interested as well.


John Ferguson and Claire Ferguson, Diamond Steel Comics

Considering superheroes make up a massive part of comic con, it is worth mentioning here, that I finally got around to picking up a copy of Saltire. For those of you who don’t know, Saltire is a series that is centered around Scotland’s first ever comic book superhero. Since I heard about this comic book series a while ago, I have been longing to get my hands on it, and lucky for me both John Ferguson and Claire Ferguson from Diamond Steel Comics were in attendance with copies of the graphic novel, and both were incredibly lovely and easy to talk to.

Richard Davidson and Steven Young, Back Pocket Comics 


Another independent publisher to bring to all your attention, is Back Pocket Comics, who traveled all the way from Ireland to attend this year’s MCM! Richard Davidson and Steven Young founded the independent publishing company, and I also must mention that they are two of the nicest people that I have ever met! Whilst I did not manage to pick up any of their comics (I had run out of money!), I am looking forward to purchasing some of their work.


During my time in the comics village, I also managed to pick up the second issue of Romantically Apocalyptic. I managed to pick up the first issue at last year’s convention, and I absolutely adored every second of it.

Darren Purdie and Paul Bristow (Featuring my father), Magic Torch Comics 

One thing that can be said for comics, is that like any other literary medium, they can help grow and adapt your reading and writing skills, and no one is proving that more than Magic Torch Comics. Essentially a social enterprise, Magic Torch Comics was created by Paul Bristow and Darren Purdie to help improve literacy and creative thinking. They work with schools and communities and run workshops to help those who want to create their own comics and characters.

Both Paul and Darren were incredibly lovely, and it was my dad who introduced me to them, after he picked up one of their comics. It was also a delight to see and hear about the work that they are doing within the industry, as it is incredibly inspiring.

Cupcakes from The Custom Cupcake Company

While my day came to an end, I of course popped by The Custom Cupcake Company stand for some delicious treats. Both year’s that I have attended MCM Scotland, I have left with a box full of the most delightful cupcakes.

So, at the end of the day, I left with more comics and a box full of cupcakes that were all different flavours, which made my day end on a high note. I also got to meet more people within the independent comic book industry, which is always a plus. For my second visit to MCM Scotland, I certainly had another great time and most likely will attend again.

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