Event Feature: Beyond The Lines Interactive Art Exhibition


A group of local art students held an interactive art exhibition at local comic book store, Asylum Books and Games.

The exhibition, held on the 14th of March, was part of the students’ ‘professional skills development’ module and inspired guests to interact and experience art in a new and unique way.

The group of students were Alicja Rodzik, Lauren Ferguson, Honza Soumar, Sophie Brown, Molly MacLeod and Katie MacDonald, all of whom are in their 3rd year at Gray’s School of Art.

As someone who enjoys art and exploring new and local creatives, I was incredibly honored to be invited to attend the exhibition.

The choice of venue was a no brainer. It’s well known by now that Asylum has been supporting local creatives in the city, and elsewhere, for nearly 20 years now, and Alicja was a fan of the store, and pitched the venue to the rest of the group.

As soon as I arrived at Asylum you could tell that the exhibition had already attracted a large and diverse crowd, and guests were already beginning to take place in the interactive work shop.

Not long after I arrived I got talking to both Lauren and Alicja about the influence for the exhibition. The theme was influenced by creating narratives from pages in old old books that were found from charity shops, Lauren explained, ‘We like this idea of creating something new from something old’.

The students had incorporated the idea of creating something new from something old into their own artwork, which was on display for guests to admire. Each exhibit also had a page from an old book which the artists had responded to and inspired their work.

The students also explained that the art work that they had done for the exhibition was incredibly different to what they would usually do in the classroom. Seeing all of the pieces up close was also incredibly interesting, considering each of them are so different. After talking with each member of the group, it became clear that everyone had a different perspective on the pages they had read and created. You could also clearly tell that each artist had a different art style, highlighting the diversity of the talent.


One of the great things about this exhibition was that it also offered an interactive workshop, that allowed guests to sit down together and create their own art. There was a large number of people who were sitting down and drawing their own interpretation of the pages they were reading.

Alicja explained to me that the idea behind the interactive workshop was to get people to put down their phones and begin interacting with art as a new form of communication. This allowed them to ‘become part of the story’, as each individual creation was hung up to create a storyboard, allowing them all to become ‘part of the story’.



Seeing the students own art work, along with seeing how many guests attended and took part in creating their own art, is a testament to the growing creative community in Aberdeen. This sentiment was echoed by the students as well as Lauren commented, “Art is the new oil in Aberdeen”.

I can’t help but agree with Lauren’s comment. Over the past couple of years art is certainly becoming more popular and well known in Aberdeen. There has been local art and light festivals that are highlighting a change in Aberdeen’s culture. Molly MacLeod also commented, “I think what has been done so far has been received really well on the spectrum”.


It is also fair to say that this exhibition didn’t only highlight the new and exciting ways that you can experience art. It also highlighted the students themselves as local up and coming talented artists. As mentioned above, each piece that was showcased were very different from each other and highlighted the diversity of art that can be produced.

While the day drew to an end it was clear that this local art exhibition had been a success. Alicja commented that interactive workshop had produced nearly 70 different pieces and as they were integrated into the storyboard there was a colorful vision of different art work around Asylum. Overall, the Beyond The Lines interactive art exhibition was another hugely interesting and unique look into the growing art community in Aberdeen.

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