Kickstarter Spotlight: Kia Wordsmith Issue 2.


Back in 2018, Accent UK published their first crowdfunded fantasy comic, Kia Wordsmith. Now the comic book publishers have launched another Kickstarter campaign for the second issue in the hit fantasy mini-series.

Written by Dave West and beautifully illustrated by Ian Ashcroft, the series follows a young woman, Kia Wordsmith, who lives in a world where magic and fantasy work together, and a city that is now at war after knowing centuries of peace.

In the crowdfunded first issue, which raised the creators a lot of support and critical acclaim, we saw how the title characters journey led her to steal from a wizard. Issue 2 will pick up right where the first issue left off with a 25-page colour story, that will once again be illustrated by the talented Ian Ashcroft. The issue will also delve further into Kia’s world and deal with the repercussions of her actions in the previous issue.

You all might remember that I wrote a review about the first issue of Kia Wordsmith back when it was first released after meeting writer Dave West at MCM Comic-Con. As a huge fan of the fantasy and indie genres, I was blown away by how good the first issue was. Featuring a solid, intriguing storyline, and hauntingly beautiful artwork, the first issue was one of my indie highlights of 2018, and I am delighted to see that there will be a second issue in this mini-series!

You can support the Kickstarter for the second issue of this phenomenal mini-series here. It is worth noting that the campaign hit its target in less than two days, but there is certainly some time left to still support the creators and help with the printing costs. Considering these are strange times, particularly for comic creators, it is delightful to see Accent UK committed to overcoming the odds of releasing issue 2 in the midst of a global pandemic, with all physical backers of the campaign getting a free PDF copy as well as a physical copy once it is released.

I know I said this earlier, but this really is a wonderful comic which has been created by wonderfully talented creators, and I cannot recommend it enough and I look forward to seeing future instalments.

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