Hello there readers,

So from an early age, though I cannot recall how early, I have always been interested in comics and everything that could be described as ‘nerd culture’ – However I genuinely dislike this term.

I have always been the kind of girl who loves to read and my mother says that I never had my head out of books when I was growing up. I guess you could say that my love for reading was always going to translate into comic culture as I grew up.

My first real venture into anything that can be described as ‘nerd’ or ‘comic’ culture began when my parents took me to see ‘The Lord of The Rings’ trilogy when they were released in the cinema – although these are not necessarily comics, my interest into the genre began after watching these films.

Despite being mainly a Marvel fan, the first ever comic book that I properly read was ‘Lucifer’, which is a creation of DC Comics. Since then my interest into comic culture has vastly expanded into different genre’s, and has also become an area of work that I am genuinely interested in.

So we have established that I like comics and also ‘nerd culture’ – but why did I set up this blog? Well you see, as well as being a project for a Digital Journalism module at my university, I intended to create a website for the girls within Aberdeen who are interested in comic and nerd culture. So this project is educational, but it is also created out of passion and something that I intend to upkeep in the near future (Depending on the success and interest of you guys, of course!).

Focusing on my current home city of Aberdeen this blog will provide, news; comic book and movie reviews; interviews and cosplay features.

– Rachel xo

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