Comic Review: Boat, Volume 4 – Hell Comes to No Land.

Following the events of the previous issue, Charlie is facing a bleak future in No Land. With tensions rising between both the past and the present, the penultimate issue in the critically acclaimed ‘Boat’ series offers another phenomenal issue in the series.

Indie Review: The Demonhuntress Volume 1 – Karavalitz

Life suddenly changes for Alexis. One day she is a young and happy bride. The next she is waking nineteen years in the future and a widow. Follow the beginning of Alexis’ journey as she goes from being the unsuspecting to a demonhuntress.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #6 Review

The main event is finally here. In the Galact-O-Massacre who will take home the title of the galactic champion of the universe and does this final issue provide a fitting end to this epic series?

Away With The Fairies: Interview with Jenni Gudgeon

From unicorns and fairy queens to giants and trolls; These are just some of the creatures that you will encounter when you stroll through the pages of Jenni Gudgeon’s debut book, Folkland Fables: Scottish Fairy Creatures. Jenni is an award-winning photographic artist currently residing in Fife, and she has a lifelong fascination with mythical creatures…

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Issue 5 Review

The penultimate issue is here and the pace is picking up as we head to the final showdown between Rory Landell and Manifest Destiny. Check out my review of the fifth issue in Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia.