Indie Review: The Demonhuntress Volume 1 – Karavalitz

Life suddenly changes for Alexis. One day she is a young and happy bride. The next she is waking nineteen years in the future and a widow. Follow the beginning of Alexis’ journey as she goes from being the unsuspecting to a demonhuntress.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #6 Review

The main event is finally here. In the Galact-O-Massacre who will take home the title of the galactic champion of the universe and does this final issue provide a fitting end to this epic series?

Interview With a Comic Book Writer; Neil Gibson

From a management consultant, to the author of the best selling Twisted Dark anthology series. Check out my interview with the incredibly interesting Neil Gibson, where we discuss Twisted Dark and his career path into the comic book medium.

Indie Rundown: 6 Comics You Should be Reading

Independent comics have so much to offer. If you are looking for something other than Marvel or DC, check out a list of some of the indie gems that I have acquired in the past year.

Graphic Novel Session with Metaphrog

Have you ever wanted to create your own graphic novel, well if so, head along to this creative session held by award-winning graphic novelists Metaphrog.