Indie Review: The Demonhuntress Volume 1 – Karavalitz

Life suddenly changes for Alexis. One day she is a young and happy bride. The next she is waking nineteen years in the future and a widow. Follow the beginning of Alexis’ journey as she goes from being the unsuspecting to a demonhuntress.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #6 Review

The main event is finally here. In the Galact-O-Massacre who will take home the title of the galactic champion of the universe and does this final issue provide a fitting end to this epic series?

Comic Spotlight: Kia Wordsmith

Accent UK are about to release their first ever fantasy comic book. With the project currently on Kickstarter, check out my review of the first issue of Kia Wordsmith.

Interview With a Comic Book Publisher: Nicolas Rossert

Translating European comics into English, Sloth Comics is bringing culture to the UK comic scene. In my interview with director Nicolas Rossert we discuss his career and the influence comics have had on him and his home country.

Small Press Day: Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen get’s involved with International Small Press Day, and hosts a variety of talented local indie comic creators.