Kathryn Briggs: Sketching & Signing Session


So my good friend Mike over at Asylum Books and Games has alerted me to some wonderful news. Comic book artist/creator Kathryn Briggs will be heading to Asylum Books and Games for a signing and Sketching session next Saturday, the 18th of February.

For those of you who don’t know, Kathryn Briggs is the author ‘Triskellion’ and also ‘Story(Cycle)’. Not that long ago I was shown some of her artwork by Mike, and it is phenomenal. I think that this sketching and signing session will be wonderful for everyone who is looking for something to do next weekend.

I have been creating posters and handing them out around my university and also around town (Not my best work considering photoshop decided to hate me!), so if you see one around don’t hesitate to come along!

The session will take place next Saturday the 18th of February, and will run from 12-6pm. So there is a whole day for you to come along for!



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  1. I’ve met her twice, once at a Dundee convention and last year when she was signing at Asylum. She’s great to talk to and her work is fantastic. Worth popping along.

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    1. Rachel Williams says:

      Her work looks really good 😀 So I am quite excited to come along and see her do some work in person and maybe talk with her.

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